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Luminous LED Quad Wheels are a hybrid indoor/outdoor wheel that uses a magnetic floating spacer to power white LED lights embedded around the tire. All you have to do is roll and the spacers do the rest, lighting your wheels up as you skate! The hybrid nature of these wheels means they're soft enough for the great outdoors, where the LEDs can serve the additional purpose of adding a bit of safety at night. 



**we apologize, but we're limited in how many photos we're able to attach here. For an complete look at all Luminous colors, we recommend checking out their Instagram @luminouswheels 

Luminous LED Quad Wheels

  • Luminous Outdoor LED Wheels:

    • All colors
    • 62mm diameter
    • 85A hardness

    Luminous Indoor LED Wheels:

    • Black Pearl 58mm/100A
    • White Pearl 58mm/97A
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