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The Chaya Topaz is no ordinary roller derby skate. A high-performance, durable skate for an unbelievable price, this is the ideal skate to get into the world of roller derby. The skate features a low-cut boot with a shell made of a light, heat-moldable composite shell. The shell of this feature-packed skate includes pain-free flex-cut technology paired with high-end padding that, combined, delivers superb comfort and performance. The Chaya Topaz is designed to give you the perfect fit right out of the box. Along with a low-cut boot, the skate features a 45-degree strap that locks your heel in place, giving you the perfect fit and improved responsiveness. Unlike ordinary roller derby skates, the Chaya Topaz features a unique Dual Center Mounting (DCM) 2-point mounting system that allows you to adjust the plate position from front to back and from side to side when paired with a Chaya DCM plate, giving you the ability to perfectly match your individual skating style. 

Chaya Topaz Derby Boot

$200.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price
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