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There is a reason the Chaya Onyx has quickly become one of Chaya's most popular derby skates when quality and performance matter. This skate is based on a high-end, high-performance, lightweight carbon, and silver fiberglass boot that stands out and will truly take your game to the next level. The boot is loved for its low-cut look and feel that ensures increased free ankle movement as well as for its great power transfer. The skate also benefits from a 45º strap which provides an unmatched heel lock. The boot can be heat molded to increase comfort.   This boot features the unique 2-point Dual Center Mounting (DCM) mounting system, allowing for limitless options for a completely individual mount. The Onyx is unmatched in terms of quality, fit and performance. The skate is built to last and will see you through multiple seasons. 

Chaya Onyx Boot

$299.00 Regular Price
$224.25Sale Price
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