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F & Q

Are you open today/this weekend?

We get this a lot. Understandably so. Our hours are a little goofy and, since this is more or less a one-dude operation, tabling and travel usually mean the shop is closed for the weekend. I try really hard to get back to folks asap on whether or not we're open, and I also have the year's travel and closed days/weekends posted on the "About" page, our Google Business page, and facebook. I can also make myself available for hours by appointment so don't be afraid to call or email to set something up. 

Do you have X, Y, Z product? I don't see it on the website.

We get this a lot too. Again, this is a pretty small operation and the website is a constant work in progress. We have some stuff listed, but a lot of what we have in store or have access to isn't listed. You can always call or email an order, and assume that we can get you just about anything from the big skate companies (Riedell, Sure-Grip, Atom, Grn Mnstr, Triple8, 187 Killer, TSG, Bones, Shock Doctor, Bauer, Mota, Sisu, S1, Zuca, DerbySkinz, Endure Skatewear, etc.).

Do you mount plates?

I sure do! I was trained by the lovely folks at the late, great Electric Skate Co. and have done at least 100 mounts to date. I can pretty much set up whatever you'd like in terms of standard mount, sport mount, or short front mount. I do NOT have the skills to mount shoes to plates, however, but I do recommend that you reach out to Bigfoot Bike & Skate about that!

Do you offer repairs and tune-ups? 

Yep! Sure do! I am not a leather worker, so I cannot repair leather tears or loose/torn eyelets, but I can take a look at components and see what's going on, diagnose, and usually fix the problem or help you figure out a solution. 

Do you have rookie/junior packages?

Not really. I sell gear as individual components (wrist, elbow, knee, etc) because I believe that all bodies are different and most "gear packages" tend to be one size for everything (ie - small wrist, small knee, small elbow). So, instead, I like to make sure that folks that come in get to try on lots of different brands and sizes to make sure they get the best fit. Then I offer 15% off of your entire purchase when you get the whole shebang. So I guess you could consider that the Next Level Skate Shop Rookie Deal.