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Elite Hockey ProFresh Green Spray

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  • $ 9.99

  • Ideal size for your sports bag (7.27 oz)
  • Biotechnological solution to eliminate odors
  • Safe to spray on clothing and equipment


After you finish playing a hard game, you might think of your gear bag as an environmental hazard.  The odor emanating from your equipment and game-day apparel packs enough olfactory punch to knock you on the ground.  Profresh Green Spray from Elite Hockey is a biotechnological solution that helps you safely solve this problem. 

This spray is powered by Profresh Green and certified for reduced environmental impact.  It’s great to keep a bottle of Profresh Green as a weapon against bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus for use on your gear after you work up a sweat.  Spare your olfactory senses that pungent post-game punch and get some Profresh Green Spray today.